5 Years to retirement

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Oh well, we all know IT Business is not for old people.

As it happened, I turned 40 today, and I'm already thinking about my future with >= 45. What to do?

Doing the Google Recruitment Cycle?

I don't think this is really what I want. In one of my last replies to their HR crew I wrote: "You need young people, and not old people" so no Google for me, really. I mean, it would be interesting and fun to work for Google, but not at my age anymore.

Applying for a job at Canonical?

Honestly, I really like the people working for Canonical, but I can't imagine sitting at home most of the time and doing my work from there.
I need a handful of good and trustworthy people around me when doing my job. Eye2Eye Communication is a must in my work life, discussing problems, finding solutions etc. this is what I like most working for a company. So no Canonical for me.

Having my own business?

Oh well, this would be fun, but without a product?
Hey wait, there is DC² and I think this project has potential. I could imagine that this would be fun, integrating Linux automation systems, to help other companies to maintain their data centers at large.
But there is the problem with the money. I don't have it to startup a company, and I don't think that I'll get it in the next 5 years. And I'm not a fan of business angels or venture capitalists.

But wait...I don't need that much money. I could leave Germany and do my job in another country, no not the US or UK or whatever developed country.
I'm thinking more of the African Continent. Let's see how it is in Cameroon, when I'm visiting my in-laws. Eventually that's a way to spend the last years 20 years of my life ( ;-) ) Helping there to build up good IT environments, educating young and smart Cameroon (and / or other African) IT Youngsters.

Let's see what the next 5 and more years have for me.

Anyways, I turned 40 and there is still a lot to do for me.

It's not that bad...Celebration starts now :)