Life Changes

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So, the end of the year is near and with New Years Eve my life will change in some areas.

First of all, I'll be leaving Netviewer (now: Citrix Online) after (round about) 4 years of giving my energy to the company. During these 4 years we (StephanT, SvenW, FelixR and JensG) accomplished a lot.

StephanT and I were designing and building 2 new products on the datacenter level. Long nights, lot of brainfck and (of course we are talking about the real IT people: Operations) a lot of beer. Together with SvenW we worked  out a nice, not so complicated, redundant, high avaiable and secure MySQL infrastructure, we introduced a new monitoring system (OpenNMS), added Puppet Magic to our deployment and we (or let's just say I) developed on top of FAI a new and easy system to deploy bare metal, VMs and everything which is able to run Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/RH/SuSE/...) and does PXE boot.

We changed the behavior between OPS and Development, we introduced On Duty weeks and we succeed to redeploy a complete datacenter infrastructure in less then 48 hours, with less then 15 minutes downtime.

During these 4 years my son Sean Ryan was born and I got married to the most adorable woman of the world. I changed my name, and I finally didn't touch a computer in the evenings (even when this was really hard).

From next year on, I'll be working for a company named Inovex. It's a consulting company and I'll join the Systems Engineering team. I'm really happy to work for them, because some of my former colleagues from ComBOTS (now: Kizoo) are working there too. And what's really amazing, FelixR and JensG are joining Inovex, too.

So, the next couple of months will be filled with new duties, ideas and fresh work.

Furthermore, I'm working on the DC² side of life to have an easy installation process for that, so I can keep my promise to Thomas Lange (FAI Maintainer) that he can release the Enterprise Version of FAI next year ;)

Ubuntu work is also on the list of todos, hopefully I can dedicated more time to Ubuntu again. I'm really missing it.

This is my last post for this year, and I wish to all of you around the world a good time during the upcoming holidays and wish you a good start into the new year 2012.