New Year, New Company ;)

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A new era starts for me.

Since yesterday (2011-02-17) I'm not working for my old company anymore.

As some of you heard the news, a global, worldwide SaaS company bought my old employer Netviewer AG.

Therefore, many of my colleagues had/have/will change the company, and I had to decide if I do the same.

It took me quite some days and hours to think about this step, but finally I decided to go the way of my colleagues.

Therefore I signed yesterday a new contract with the new company and as well signed the cancellation agreement with my old company.

From today I'm a happy employee of Citrix Online, Germany.

And as I'm working now for a, well US controlled company, I have to state here, that everything what I write on my private blog is my own opinion and doesn't, in any way, represent the opinion of the company I'm working for.

Let's see what'll happen. The future awaits me.