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Oh's not the first time, that I'm reading a really big flamewar...but this is...AWESOME!!

Not that we are only making a fool of ourselves, no, we are just giving everybody outside of our business a picture, that most of the OpenSource people are just kids in a sandpit.

I know, I know, commercial interests are coming first, but honestly, do we need to nitpick?

There is Mark, with a clear view of what he wants to achieve on the linux desktop, and prominent spokesman of Canonical and Ubuntu.
There is  GNOME, KDE, Jeff, Aaron, Jono, GregKH, Jef oh I'm too lazy to write down all the names involved.

Seriously, I'm a true believer, that the OpenSource Business as we know it, is not going to survive. We need to change things, as we did in the past, as we do now, and as we are going to do in the future. Community wise and especially in commercial business.

But what's going on here?

We're digging our own grave. Nobody will take us as serious business partner, when we will go on as we do right now. Not in the server market, not in the desktop market.

Really, OpenSource is about choice. If someone has a view of doing this like so, and others do have another view, let's fork it, change it, see if it works. Other projects or stakeholders or companies will take what they need, and leave the rest to the sharks.

Nobody, right now, is without a sin. Everyone involved has something to say, whysoever, someone is pissed personally, another one is pissed, because it's not what he or she expects to see from the other party. and so on and so on.

And then there are the fanboys and fangirls. They do have their own view, and they rattle, too (I include myself into this group, but I'm really a fan of Ubuntu, RH, SuSE so I could rattle a lot)

But really, right now, I see more destruction then cure. It's more "You poked my eye, I'll slice your nose". This is really not going to help here.

We are destroying ourselves, we are throwing away a good reputation.

Hopefully we can settle all this sh*t during a conference sitting around a table with some cool drinks and smoking a pipe of peace.

Anyways, what's amazing to see, that only pawns are fighting. Not the kings or queens. There is no Jane (Canonical) or Jim (RedHat) or Ronald (Novell)

I really would like to see, that we are going back to business. Let's get Unity rolling, let's improve Gnome-shell and Plasma, there is still so much to do and we all can participate and we could all have a win-win situation.

But please, let us stop this celebrity death match...there will be no winner.

My 2 Euro Cent