CentOS 5 deployment with Ubuntu + FAI

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Thanks to the work of Michael Goetze, who worked on CentOS support in FAI, we are now able to deploy a standard install of CentOS 5 (5.5) in round about 143 seconds.

The default chroot tarball was created using the "rinse" tool by Steve Kemp.
That reminds me, that I still have some patches for this tool pending and as well some more fedora distro support files to push to Steve.

The important part about this is, that CentOS is not so different from RHEL, so if you have a working yum repository for RHEL, then you are able to install RHEL as well. But having a

And the time for a standard install (which means yumgroup core) of 143 seconds feels like we are much faster then kickstart or whatever you use today to automatically deploy your CentOS or RHEL distribution.

The default installation system is still an Ubuntu 10.04 with FAI 3.4.3, so when you already have a running FAI installation, you don't have to change much.

Last but not least, the CentOS work of Michael will be part of the upcoming FAI 4.0