Going to Cameroon, Visiting Family

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Now we finally made it, our trip to Cameroon is set
and we finally got the tickets, just waiting for the Visa.

So, as I'm going to Cameroon it would be a good idea to meet up with some folks of the Cameroon Ubuntu Loco team.

My Family and I will be somewhere around the City of Bamenda and Njinibi Area, and hopefully we are able to catch some prepaid airtime cards for our androids, I would like to hear from you, eventually you are also in this area.

Just give me a ping on IRC or email me or catch up with me on Jabber/Google Talk/xmpp, you can find the details on https://launchpad.net/~shermann . You can even catch up with me on Facebook (Facebook User ubuntuworker)

If you are in need of a GPG signature, please bring your passport or any other identification with you, your GPG key id and your fingerprint (printed on a piece of paper) I'll do the same.

Eventually we will also find the time to have a drink or two ;) (Cameroonian Guinness or Castell is great :))

I'm happy to hear from you, get in touch.