It's time to make some noise

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It's April and I didn't touch this weblog for more than 4 months now.
What happend? Why is "SAdig" so silent?

'Cause I'm busy, that's why.

So what happened during the last months? A lot I have to say...

The December 2011 Story

December 2011 was my last month of being employed at Citrix Online Germany, formerly known as Netviewer. Sadly, after all the fuzz and stress about my resignation I became sick and my doctor recommended to stay at home. Well actually he put me on sick leave for almost half of December. I don't know if I should thank him for that or if I should hate him for that. Anyhow, during this time, I had really a hard time. I had fever, my whole body refused to work properly. From 250% to 0% working powers it's just like a cold turkey for a drug addict.
Really, I wasn't ok and my Christmas holiday wasn't really nice.

But this is the past.

The January to March 2012 Story

From January 2012 on I started to work for a consultant Company named Inovex. The good thing of this story was, that I took my work with me. As a result of my resignation from Citrix Online/Netviewer my former bosses hired me as a consultant for the Netviewer system from Inovex.
Normally people will be happy, you start a new job, you have probation time, and you can work on the old daily business again, for better money and with less stress. Furthermore I was able to work on DC² more often and finally had the chance to create good installation packages.

But did this change of job changed anything for me?

You know, it's hard when you are a consultant coming back to your old company. No one will see you as external resource and most likely you don't see the others as customers. Eventually it's a personal issue, but this was how I felt. Therefore, nothing changed for me.
Furthermore, the work I had to do was not that complicated, I built this system in coorperation with my fellow OPS buddies. We created a system which just runs. No big incidents, no serious crashes on the hardware, no serious crashes of the software. The OS is running like a charm, thanks to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, so not so much to do.
But my job wasn't to do anything exceptional, except writing documentation. Documentation which was already there or not needed anymore, because this system has only a limited lifetime and some of the things we created are not needed anymore. So, sitting there writing documentation for something which isn't needed anymore, doesn't make sense, and  worse, it didn't tickle my brain. I felt like "Crap, I don't do anything".

After some discussions with my family and with myself, I decided to quit this job, too.

Honestly, the people at Inovex are smart people. Friendly, cooperative, fast, and living on the edge of technology. I just say, it was not an issue with Inovex but me, that's why I quit.

I learned in the past, that it's more important to be happy for yourself, and not for anything or anybody else. If you are not happy, you can't make others happy.

The Future

Honestly, I really don't know what the future has for me, but I'm not without a "new" job.
Sometimes, you need some luck and good friends and a company which can learn from the past.

So, I was hired again by Citrix Online, but with a complete different working area. This deal was made on a short notice, and I never expected to do that, but hey, even my family and me are in need of some money for food, drinks and fuel.

I can't write about what 'm doing or what I will be doing, because all of this is very confidential.
I won't work anymore on our old Netviewer System, that's the past.

There are new opportunities showing up, there are really great projects coming along and I'm being involved. There is also Ubuntu work involved.

Furthermore, it is good to hear and read about Citrix Systems Inc. that they are moving their CloudStack Project to the Apache Project and that Citrix System is now a Platinum Sponsor of the Apache Foundation.

A Short Notice To The Fellow Readers

I know that some people will be surprised others will say "I did know that" or "I thought about this already".

All this wasn't planned. It just happened like many other situations are just happening in life.

I won't enable comments for this entry. So if you want to get in touch, you know my email address so write an email.