Tales of the Python Knights

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I would like to share this tale with you

If you are a Python Knight, just answer the battle call by sending a message to Kieran Scully ( k.scully a.t. vertex-solutions.co.uk )

I'd like to tell you a story.

Once upon a time (that time is now) in a land far far away (Central London if you must know), a King was building his empire. Just 5 years ago he had but 14 knights helping him in establishing his kingdom in a highly competitive place. You see there were so many Kings creating Kingdoms, and many had fallen within the year when larger Kingdoms came along to pinch their best knights.

Whilst his Kingdom was small, his vision was huge. He wanted to create a kingdom that would send shivers throughout. He knew he had to focus on one specific area to recruit his knights, the basis of their skills would form the backbone of his army. After considering his options the king decided that his knights would be of the Python realm. His decision for this was not one in haste, instead it was well thought out. He loved the collaborative environment and wanted his knights to work together and share their work with the greater community. He wanted the source of their work to be of the open variety and their basis robust.

The kingdom took shape and continued to grow at a rate far greater than anyone could of expected, the King included. All of a sudden the presidents of other lands were seeking out the King to ask for help in building their digital recognition and centralising their marketing. They knew that he had the digital asset management system that no others could create. With more and more lands needing his help he grew his army to close to 700 knights of mixed skills with Python still the core.

One day a foreign land came to him to ask for his help. They had tried to replicate one of his products but had failed and needed his help. After weeks of conversations around the round table of django they reached a multi-million dollar agreement. This was great news for the King, but he was still missing his knights. Some of his knights had become stronger and progressed. He was in need of a range of knights. Some who had been battling the land with the power of Python for several years and were now Senior Python Knights, and others who were even greater in their experience - with the power to Lead the Python Knights and Architect the process and product.

The King sent out a message to the land asking for help in finding the best Senior Python Knights and Lead Python Knights that the land had to offer and this message reached me.

So - are you the knight that can help build the kingdom and continue to expand the empire?

PS: I'm not getting paid to do this, jftr!