New Laptop: MacBook Pro 13

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On Wednesday I just bought a MacBook Pro 13" with 8GB and a 500GB HDD.

I really don't know what hit me, but I wanted to try out something new.

Before anyone is asking, no I don't want to install Ubuntu on it, because it's already a Unix.

When I want to work on Ubuntu, I have my own root server, and I have VirtualBox running on this Mac already.

Now, what's more important, some things you'll normally find somewhere in a menu in Gnome, i.e. showing hidden files (files starting with a '.'). This was one of the things I didn't find somewhere in the 'Finder' settings, so some googling later:

user@host:~/ > defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
user@host:~/ > killall Finder

Furthermore I installed Homebrew and updated Git and Python to get my development environment back.

I think this will be a fun experiment. More to follow.