It never rains in Southern California...

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... totally not true

but what is true...

Work Life Balance

is that I am here for one month already and I am totally excited.

As mentioned in one of my last posts, I am working now for Sony Europe, especially for a company which was aquired by Sony. We are working closely with the Sony Playstation Team.

And Guys, it's a blast.

I would really like to write something about what we are doing, and especially how we are doing it, but sadly I would kick my own ass out of this adventure, so I won't reveal anything.

What I can say is this:

This month was full of new experiences. A very different approach to our discipline. And somehow I am feeling at home.

Our people here are very enthusiastic about their product, you can see that every day. The proudness, focus and knowledge is special here.

The work environment is more than awesome. Yes, StartUp feeling, for sure, but that is not it.

People are discussing new ideas, and how we can approach challenges in a very different way. Different from the traditional SysAdmin approach.

Being an SRE here means, not only knowing your system and being able to fix stuff in the SysAdmin way, but also to improve the overall quality of the system, which also means, that we are coding a lot of tools by ourselves to improve our work, reporting quality drops to other departments and debugging issues in third party software.

Furthermore, the bond between SRE and Development/Engineering is very tight. Means, whichever bug SRE finds, in OS, third party software stacks or in-house developed software, we will fix them ourselves, or we will report our findings directly to Development/Engineering (of course via bugtracker :))

The answers are coming fast, and the bugfixes, too. Faster than I was expecting.

That brings me to my next surprise. I never saw so many people working with Linux on a Workstation. This is really surprising. Don't get me wrong, you'll find here a lot of different computers and OSes, mostly Apple MacBooks and other types of Laptops, mostly dual booting, but at least every SRE and Developer has a Workstation with Linux running on it. Pretty awesome.

Yes, the vast amount of OpenSource Software here is incredible and surprising.

Anyways, I am so excited, and I am proud to work on this project. It will be a success, I have no doubts.

One last statement, what we are doing here, is revolutionary. It will change the way of todays Gaming experience, believe me. I am already dogfooding and even when I am more a casual gamer, I am impressed about the quality.

So, when you are into Gaming, look out for announcements from Sony in 2014.


Python Sphinx Logo

And there is still time to do some other things. Like fixing Python code for the Python Sphinx Contrib Project.

While working on a Python Project inhouse, I needed to use the sphinxcontrib-httpdomain module, sadly it wasn't Python3 compatible.

Until 2 days ago :)

I worked on changing this, but without looking at some Python Helpers, which would have made the work more easy. After filing the pull-request, Upstream said thanks, but I should have a look at python-six, a Python Library which makes the transition a lot more easier than manual coding.

I did that, and ported the fixes to python-six and commited the changes and updated the pull-request. Upstream merged after 5 minutes, and my changes will be in the next release of sphinxcontrib-httpdomain.

OpenSSH Logo

Well, this is really special. We are using OpenSSH with Roumen Petrovs X.509 Patch. Sadly, this patch is not applied to the OpenSSH packages of most distributions. Neither Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora are carrying this patch in their repos.

So I am working on a sane solution for this and resolving this bug in Launchpad.

And to make things even more smooth for our Friends from Fedora, I am working on an RPM package for the same OpenSSH package as well.