Going to SCaLE 2014

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I finally made it.

SCaLE 12x

  • Hotel: Hilton Los Angeles Airport
  • Event: SCaLE 12x, Los Angeles
  • Arrival Date: 2014-02-20 Around 8pm PST
  • Departure Date: 2014-02-22 whenever I have to be at the Airport for travelling back to Germany

I know some people from the Ubuntu world are already at the location, so if you want to go out for a drink, and discuss some things, please let me know through the usual channels.

I am really looking forward to listen to Elizabeths talk and eventually talk to her later about some SysAdmin businesses.

Also Cloudstack people are around, most prominently also from my former employer Citrix Online. So, I think there is an opportunity to socialize a lot.

Furthermore, if you are interested in working as an SRE somewhere in OC, CA or looking for an opportunity to work in Germany, like Berlin, please let me know. I know some good places ;) Much better if you have your CV and contact details at hand.

See you at SCaLE 12x in Los Angeles.