Network Engineers, we are looking for you!

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PlayStation now

So, we have a Datacenter Engineer Position open, and also a Network Engineer Position.

And as pre-requisite, you should be able to travel through Europe without any issues, you should read/write/speak English, next to your native language.

When you

  • are comfortable to travel
  • are familiar with routers and switches of different vendors
  • know that bonding slaves don't need a safe word
  • know that BGP is no medical condition
  • know how to crimp CAT 5/6/7
  • know the differences between the different types of LWL cable connections
  • have fun working with the smartest guys in this business
  • want to even learn something new
  • love games
  • love streaming
  • love PlayStation (well, this is not a must)

Still with me?

You will work out of our Berlin Office, which is in the Heart of Berlin.

You will work directly with our Southern California Based Network Engineering Team, with our Datacenter Team and with our SRE Team.

The Berlin team is a team of several nationalities, which combines the awesomeness of Spanish, Italian, French and German Minds. We all love good food and drinks, good jokes, awesome movies, and we all love to work in the hottest datacenter environments ever.

Is this something for you?

If so, you should apply now.

And applying for this job is easy as provision a Cisco Nexus router today.

Two ways:

  1. You point your browser to our LinkedIn Page and press 'Apply Now. (Please refer to me, and where you read this post)
  2. Or you send your CV directly through the usual channels to me (PDF or ASCII with a Profile Picture attached) and I put you on top of the stack.

Hope to see you soon and welcome you as part of our Sony/Gaikai Family in Berlin

I know some people are afraid of LinkedIn so here is the official job description from our HR Department.

Job Description:

As a Network Engineer with deployment focus you will be responsible for rollout logistics, network deployment process and execution. You will work closely with remote Network Engineers and Datacenter Operations to turn up, configure, test and deliver Network platforms across POPs and Datacenters.

Principle Duties / Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for rollout logistics and coordination
  • Responsible for network deployment processes
  • Responsible for network deployment execution
  • Deployment and provisioning of Transport, Routing and Switching platforms
Required Knowledge / Skills:
  • Comfortable with travel
  • Comfortable with optical transport, DWDM
  • Comfortable with various network operating systems
  • Comfortable with some network testing equipment
  • Comfortable with structured cabling
  • Comfortable with interface and chassis diagnostics
  • Comfortable with basic power estimation and calculation

Desired Skills and Experience

  • BA degree or equivalent experience
  • 1-3 years working in a production datacenter environment
  • Experience with asset management and reporting
  • Knowledge of various vendor RMA processes to deal with repairs and returns

  • Keen understanding of data center operations, maintenance and technical requirements including replacement of components such as hard drives, RAM, CPUs, motherboards and power supplies.

  • Understanding of the importance of Change Management in an online production environment
  • High energy and an intense desire to positively impact the business
  • Ability to rack equipment up to 50 lbs unassisted

  • High aptitude for technology

  • Highly refined organizational skills
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks at one time

Up to 50% travel required with this position.